“Leo Grinhauz's cello solo stood as a reminder of what beauty can be.”
– The Star Ledger, NJ


After we lost Eugene Bianco, our original contractor for The Wonder Pets Orchestra, the show’s musical guru, Jeffrey Lesser presented me with the opportunity to contract the band. I got to hire the cream of the crop. Pros that specialized in South Indian percussion, Asian woodwinds, Big Band, Rock N’ Roll, etc. Every show had it’s own acute set of specific musical needs. It was a very rewarding time for me. It was also a great way to assemble a roster of super talent.


Judging by how things sound at times, it is obvious that some contractors don’t like going to any trouble to book musicians. They may want it “quick and easy”. I only hire people that I’ve seen and heard to be solid.

You can’t be lazy in this business, and I don’t waste energy playing politics. I go above and beyond to get the best sounding players.

I also firmly believe that a playing contractor has to be as strong as the best player at the gig, and I stand behind my playing.

So, whether your needs are epic or, simply heartfelt, I’ll make sure that the band sounds monumental.

References available upon request.