“Leo Grinhauz's cello solo stood as a reminder of what beauty can be.”
– The Star Ledger, NJ


As a parent, I have always been grateful for the teachers in my daughter’s life. From her early days at pre-school, until today’s third grade, I have come to appreciate the nurturing environment that has evolved into our present day school system. I believe that children must be encouraged to believe in themselves. This will give them the freedom to want to learn. A successful teacher is one who is able to instill enough curiosity in the child to make him or her want to continue to learn outside of the classroom.

As a student, the teachers that reached me were always the ones who were just and compassionate. Subjects that would be impossible to learn with some teachers were a breeze with others simply because they encouraged me. Some children receive little attention in the home. A successful student is made to feel like they belong. It is my hope to always have my kids want to come to class. I will always encourage their appreciation.

As a teacher, I believe that one must be flexible at all times. The ability to improvise is key. This requires preparation with the material and the confidence with which to transmit it. Teaching music is wonderful because it teaches children the art of listening, which really is the first step to learning. It also helps to teach about the world around us whether it is around the globe, or right around the corner. Music helps us to understand different cultures and teaches us to recognize the influences that other cultures have had in our lives. It teaches us to be grateful for nature and gives us a better understanding of how we fit in. The subtle lessons that can be learned through music education will serve children for their entire lives and I would like very much to be a part of that.

I am arriving to this career somewhat in reverse. I am relying on my experiences in the academic, professional, and parenting world to enable me to teach in the classroom. I am passionate about the power of music and will strive to instill that in my kids.